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12 Secrets to Transform Your Tiny Backyard into a Dream Oasis!

Updated: Apr 9

Dreaming of a backyard retreat but feeling limited by square footage? Don't despair! Even small spaces can be transformed into beautiful and functional outdoor havens. This blog post dives into 12 incredible secrets revealed in a recent YouTube video by Backyard Design Guy that will help you maximize your backyard's potential. From creating multiple "rooms" to incorporating a fire feature and maximizing space with built-in seating, these tips will inspire you to create an outdoor oasis you'll love. Plus, we'll wrap up with a special mortgage tip for those looking to unlock the financing needed to bring their backyard dreams to life!

Here's a brief description of what's in the video, but give it a watch, it's awesome!

  1. Have a Design:  This is the most important step according to the video, as it helps you avoid mistakes and save money in the long run.

  2. Create Multiple Rooms:   An outdoor space shouldn't be one big room. Break it up into sections for different purposes. The speaker suggests having at least three distinct areas. For example, a pergola covered area can be your main room.

  3. Incorporate an Outdoor Kitchen: Even a small space can benefit from an outdoor kitchen. This will create a destination area that will draw people outside.

  4. Include a Fire Feature:  Fire features are popular because they create a focal point and gathering space. Fire pits, fireplaces, or fire bowls are all good options.

  5. Maximize Space with Built-in Seating: Built-in seating around a fire pit or BBQ area is a space-saving and functional solution.

  6. Use Sunken Areas to Your Advantage: Sunken areas can be used for fire pits, dog runs, or kid play areas.

  7. Incorporate Privacy Features: The speaker recommends using natural plants, built-in privacy walls, or store-bought privacy screens.

  8. Beautify with Planting: Vertical gardening with vines on fences or living walls is a space-saving solution that also attracts wildlife.

  9. Add a Water Feature:  Water features add a relaxing element to a backyard space. The speaker recommends flower pot water features as a small and inexpensive option.

  10. Incorporate Outdoor Lighting: Outdoor lighting can be simple or elaborate. String lights, up-lights, path lights, or tiki torches are all great options.

  11. Include Entertainment Options: Movie nights with a projector and screen, TVs, speakers, or even game areas are all great ways to enjoy your outdoor space.

  12. Share Your Ideas: Consider commenting below the video with your favorite entertainment option and where you live!

Want to turn your dream backyard into a reality? As mortgage brokers, we can help you with financing for your home improvement projects, including outdoor renovations. Whether you're looking to buy your first home, refinance your existing home to pull out cash for improvements, or sell your home and move up or downsize, we can help you achieve your real estate goals. Contact us today at 707-203-8600, or by using the Contact Us form below, to discuss your options.

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