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Demystifying the Market: A Free Tool for Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

Updated: Apr 9

Thinking of buying or selling a house? You're not alone! The real estate market can feel overwhelming, with endless factors to consider. But fear not, fellow Vibe readers, because I've got a fantastic tool to help you navigate the journey with confidence.

Introducing TREV Reports, a free online resource designed to empower you with up-to-date market data. Simply enter the city or zip code of your desired area, and TREV Reports delivers a treasure trove of insights, including:

Median list price for Vacaville, CA 95687

  • Current median list price: Get a clear picture of what similar properties are priced at in your target market. This knowledge is crucial for buyers to determine a fair offer and for sellers to set a competitive listing price.

  • Median days on the market: How long do houses typically stay listed before they sell? This metric helps you understand how quickly properties are moving and can inform your pricing strategy or search timeframe.

  • Average days on the market: While the median provides a midpoint, the average offers a broader picture of how long listings might take to sell. This can be helpful in identifying potential trends or outliers.

But TREV Reports goes beyond these basic metrics. It also displays:

  • Price per square foot: Gain a deeper understanding of how pricing compares based on property size. This is crucial for accurate valuation, especially when comparing different property types.

  • Price trends: See if there have been recent increases or decreases in the median list price. This knowledge can inform your offer strategy as a buyer or your listing strategy as a seller.

  • Relisted properties: Identify how many houses have been relisted, potentially indicating a shift in buyer demand or pricing strategies.

  • Current inventory:   Understand how many properties are currently available in your target market. This knowledge can help you gauge competition as a buyer or determine the best time to list as a seller.

  • Median rent: If you're considering investment properties, Trev Reports provides insights into the rental market.

  • Market Action Index:  This unique feature goes a step further by indicating if it's currently a buyer's market or a seller's market. This valuable information empowers you to make strategic decisions based on market conditions.

market action index data Vacaville, CA

The data on TREV Reports is updated weekly, ensuring you have the most recent market information at your fingertips. This is especially valuable in a dynamic market where trends can shift quickly. You can easily get there by visiting


So, whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-time homebuyer, TREV Reports can be your secret weapon. By leveraging this free tool, you gain valuable insights that can empower you to make informed decisions throughout the real estate process. Head over to Trev Reports today and take charge of your real estate journey!

Ready to unlock the power of TREV Reports and discuss your financing options? I'm here to help! Call or text me, Frank Garay, at 707-695-6313. As a mortgage broker, I can guide you through the financing process and ensure you get the best possible rate on your dream home.

Frank Garay - Team Lead at Mortgage Masters of California

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