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H.R. 1321 - The More Homes on the Market Act

Updated: Apr 7

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In an inspiring move towards enhancing housing availability and affordability in the United States, Representatives Jimmy Panetta and Mike Kelly have reintroduced the bipartisan "More Homes on the Market Act". This legislative proposal aims to address the critical issue of housing shortages by amending the tax code to motivate homeowners to sell their properties, thereby increasing the supply of homes on the market. The act proposes a significant increase in the sales gain tax exclusion, raising it to $500,000 for single filers and a remarkable $1 million for joint filers. This is a substantial leap from the current exclusions of $250,000 for single homeowners and $500,000 for joint filers, which were established back in 1997 and have not been adjusted for inflation since.

This legislative effort is particularly crucial in states like California, where homeowners face some of the highest housing costs in the nation. By enhancing the sales gain tax exclusion, the "More Homes on the Market Act" not only aims to alleviate the financial burden on homeowners looking to sell but also seeks to invigorate the housing market by making it more accessible and affordable for a broader spectrum of the population. The increase in housing supply is expected to address the pressing issues of housing shortages and affordability, providing a much-needed boost to the real estate market and potentially enabling more families to achieve the dream of homeownership.

The positive implications of this act extend beyond individual homeowners, potentially benefiting the entire housing market by creating more opportunities for first-time buyers and those looking to downsize. By alleviating the tax burden associated with selling a home, the act encourages a healthier turnover of properties, which is essential for a dynamic and accessible housing market.

We at the "Great Real Estate Vibes" blog are enthusiastic about the possibilities this legislation holds for invigorating the housing market and fostering a more inclusive environment for homeownership. We encourage our readers to stay informed about this promising development and to consider the opportunities it may present for both current and prospective homeowners.

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